Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bi is away. :'(

Today is the day when bi is going to Langkawi. *Haa, ayat aku macam ayat composition sekolah rendah. I totally miss him. But bi had told me earlier, sayang shud be brave and strong enuf. Its only 3 days of being apart, not three weeks, months, years.. Love needs more than a feeling kan syg ?

I try to make myself busy, cleaning, revising, etc etc etc but he still on my mind. Haha. I miss my adik too. And eman. If only he knew. I dont want to bother bi with such a thing about my small matter that i surely can solve it by myself. Bi wants me to be more realistic and mature. Indeed. Though he keep telling me, 'Im okay with what you are and what you are going to be from now'. Thanks a bunch bi. I know im growing up childishly and most people love to look down upon me, because of my size maybe. Or my way of bringing myself up. I dont even bother of what people say, as long as I have my loved ones. :)

Bi had, has, and will trying his best to pleased me. Your absence make my heart grows fonder.. :).

This is for you. I love you.

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