Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My P.O.V

Malaysia, relatively speaking, is a small country.* Haha, ayat. Kemain lah kan skema gila. But it never fails to make me proud, though we have a bad bad thing happens few weeks ago. Plus with the children abductions. Well thing doesnt have to be perfect all the time kan ? So that is what happen to Malaysia nowadays. Somehow i feel like the abduction of Nayati is a game played by the ruler. I dont know but i start to feel annoyed with things happen around me. I hate Bersih 3.0. But there's a friend of mine yang berkobar kobar cakap that thing is good. Im not sure myself but literally the things they claimed are what we really want , in an election to be clean. Tapi by running a demo is not the right things. People from the outside pun dah start buat speculation on who's going to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. I bet they'll vote for Anwar Ibrahim. Lol.

Again I bet there will be more Bersih demo after this. And they will keep upgrading their strategies so that people can see their angelic side. Selagi mana party yang diorang nak tu menang, selagi itu lah Bersih akan takes place. This is life. Dunia mana yang adil. Even in studying pun ada yang cheat on each other. Dalam kelab sendiri pun ada yang tikam belakang. Depan cakap lain, belakang habis ayat kau tabur kan.  For me, a clean election is only happens during my old days, masa kat sekolah rendah dulu. Tapi itu pun vote sebab ada rupa. Haha.

Im writing from the p.o.v of a students. Perhaps my opinions ni tak sama dengan orang lain. But it never wrong. I do have friends yang memang crazy enuf upon theseeeee matter. Haih, kadang kadang it bugging me too much. Its a good thing kalau diorang nak belajar pasal politik. And politic is not merely about being on a side of your party, and provoke people to vote you back. It is more to handle or running things. So kalau nak tahu art of politic, belajar lah handle kelab. Kan lebih elok kalau begitu. :)- SC.

Pemimpin itu besar pahalanya, malah banyak juga dosanya. So nak jadi pemimpin, jadilah pemimpin yang baik. Kalau tak, tak payah. Assalamualaikum.

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